Welcome to Wessex Teaching School

The Wessex Teaching School is made up of many schools who are in receipt of, or offering, bespoke support which is primarily aimed at raising the quality of teaching and learning within the classroom. We passionately believe that every child has the right to high quality, inspirational teaching which will empower learners to be successful throughout their learning journey.

The Wessex Teaching School works closely with National Leaders of Education, Local Leaders of Education and has trained Ofsted inspectors on its leadership teams, and uses a range of teaching teams to support and inspire teachers who are keen to improve their practice and thus improve the outcomes for those they serve. Currently we are able to offer:-

  • Bespoke mini reviews, looking at the quality of teaching, quality of leadership, use of pupil premium and progress of all learners.
  • NLE/LLE support for school leaders
  • Access to a team of SLEs
  • Support using the Lesson Study Model, with outstanding practictioners trained in mentoring.

Important Forms and Documents

Working with all of our partners to offer the best in teaching and learning.

SAPHTO SEF Writing Course - Wednesday 8th July

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A full day course will explore ways to help ensure your school's SEF is clear, concise and evaluative
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Maths IMPACT Training Course

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School Direct with the Wessex Teaching School and Somerset Partnership Teaching School: a collaborative approach

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